Tena koe whanau

My name is Stephen and I am a member of the Hamilton Pride working group. I would firstly like to thank all previous members and board members, for keeping Hamilton Pride going and alive all these years, for their unwavering support and commitment.

I am also wanting to inform all members of the next AGM on the:

31st of August @18:30 at Rainbow Hub

Level 1, 36 Bryce street, Hamilton

We will be conducting usual AGM activities, including electing committee members. Anyone who would like to become a committee member can self-nominate by messaging me directly or emailing me on [email protected] Please include your name and a brief blurb about yourself which will help people vote. Nominations will close 22/08/2021.In the meeting we will be discussing proposed changes to the constitution to be voted on at the following meeting to make Hamilton Pride more effective at delivering and working with you all.


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