Nov 22 nd 2017
Present: Phoenix, Allan, Dan, Pandelis, Jeremy, Rhiannon, Hare, Rudy,
Toka, Duncan, Skylar
Apologies: Michael
Meeting opened 6:34pm by Rhiannon
Auckland Pride Parade 2018
Registration to be filled out, Michael has been looking at Van Hire. Jo has
been looking at funding for this. There’s a group on Hamilton Pride
Facebook page if people need to contribute ideas regarding the event.
Pink Arts Night
Around 50 people attended, more women including some of the LSG
crowd. Lots of positive feedback about the event, some queries about
future performances for those who couldn’t make it this time around.
Perhaps it needs to be looked at as to whether the Pink Drinks & Pink Arts
Night events are compatible to take place on the same evening. Ivan who
runs Nivara Lounge is happy to chat more about future use of the venue.
Other venues such as Zeal could be looked at to have some of the Youth
involved in terms of Pink Arts Night. Also, an idea could be to have some
sort of Registration form on the HPI page for Pink Arts Night. Poll to be
done on Mooloo Mix etc as to what nights could work for people for Pink
Arts Night.
Transgender Day Of Remembrance
Ben did a great graphic design for the event. Unfortunately a small group
showed up, not quite well organised either. Onwards & upwards for doing
better next year. Some nice words were said this year, it’s a shame we
couldn’t have reached out more to the Trans community to have their
input. For future reference it would make more sense for someone from
the Trans community to be the leader in the organisation of this event.
World Aids Day Nov 30 th
HPI End Of Year BBQ Dec 15 th
Dan has offered to bring a BBQ. This will take place at 6:30pm Fri Dec 15 th
at Link House. NO Liquor to be brought on the premises. Bring friends &
family along.
2018 Ideas
One idea for future is to have 2 other positions – Community Liaison,
someone to make sure everyone stays in touch. They can maintain
communication between other groups & Hamilton Pride. The other position
is an Event Support, someone to take charge of planning future events.
Other Business
Duncan had spoke of concern regarding a complaint or issue presented
about Mooloo Mix not having anything in terms of events for people over
50. It was addressed that some older/mature people grew up in different
times compared to how times are in this present day in age. Articles
perhaps need to be found & shared on Social Media about awareness.
Next Meeting Jan 10 th 6:30pm
This will be to discuss Pride Parade, if you can’t make it, DON’T PANIC
cause we’ll have a regular meeting Jan 24 th 6:30pm.
Meeting closed 7:45pm

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