Sept 27 th 2017
Present: Phoenix, Rhiannon, Paul, Pandelis, Jo, Jeremy, Duncan, Jaimie, Matthew, Kathryn,
Daniel, Anthea, Sammi
Meeting opened 6:35pm by Rhiannon
Apologies: Hare, Ben, Kyro
Motion passed for Minutes from Sept 6 th to be approved, first by Pandelis & seconded by Mike.
Pride Week Review
There was $900 made over the entire week. Mike received some amazing feedback about the
Proud Party. 165 people approximately attended the event. Diggers were a very accommodating
venue to use for this event. Rhiannon had said there was some conflict from WaQuY not being
able to have people under the age of 18 attend but this was solved with the Pride At The Disco
Youth Event.
Jaimie commented that the LSG Cocktail Party was a good event but it could have been on a bit
later. Around 30 people attended.
Approximately 10 people from Hamilton & 20 people from Auckland attended the Out In The
Hak’s event, feedback was that it was a really good event.
WaQuY AGM – Rhiannon commented said this was a good event, finding out what they’re
(WaQuY) are working on developing bigger things in the future such as going to training on
leadership & guidance.
A Night Of Learning & Love – around 15 people attended, layout of Lecture Theatre didn’t quite
work for the type of Workshops that Family Planning usually run so this will have to be looked at
in future. Kirsty’s talk went well, Rhiannon mentioned she’d be keen to have Kirsty do something
like this again.
PrEP Forum – sponsored by Ending HIV. Event was well catered in terms of food. Panelists
talked a lot about what PrEP is & what it does. Ending HIV were pleased with how the event
went, they’d like to get more involved with HPI in future.
Gayby Baby Movie – Great Movie, around 50 people attended this event. Thankyou message to
be sent to Incendo for organising this.
Ten Pin Bowling – SkyCity sponsored for Pizzas as well as discounts for those attending. 16
people in attendance.
Pride At The Disco – Cool concept, Rhiannon said it wasn’t well executed. Door Charge seemed
to be a bit too high for a lot of people. Around 30 people attended. No food or drink was covered
for the price of Door Charge. There was a lack of decoration. HPI need to be more involved in
future to help with things as simple as setup & decorations. More combined effort to be had,
also to use The Meteor in future. However this will require a BIG planning group cause it’s a
BIG space to use.
Rainbow Warriors Trivia Night – HUGE turnout, successful event. Great location, handy with the
Bar there as well. Softball ladies & Kellie Kelly did a fantastic job MC’ing.
GLOW Singers have a meeting every Weds night, something to be looked at in future so perhaps
more from that group could attend monthly meetings.
2018 Pride Parade
$200 to register a Float. Rainbow Auckland previously sponsored us for the Float. Next Parade is
Feb 17 th 2018 7:30pm. Perhaps the team from Sambatron can be spoken to for getting onboard
with us again next year. Registration closes Feb 2 nd , spaces are limited. Planning Group created
on Facebook already for people to share ideas for this event. Motion passed for registering &
putting forward $200.
Queer Arts Event
The idea was using the night for Pink Drinks, inviting people in the queer community to come
along & put on some act i.e. GLOW Singers, Drag Queens. Venue to be used would be Nivara
Lounge. Duncan originally contacted Rhiannon about a Play he’s working on for his Masters,
Rhiannon then thought of the idea of attaching it to a Pink Drinks evening. Around 2 more
spaces for acts to be filled. This is being organised behind the scenes, first event is to take place
Nov 4 th .
Pink Drinks
There had been concerns about this originally happening at people’s houses so it started to be
moved to Bars. Would be good for future if someone from a group such as LSG could organise
one. If more people see it, they may be more be willing to get involved. Jo suggested sticking to
one venue for perhaps 3 months & hopefully it’ll keep more people interested in coming. Also
could be an idea to have something to identify the group that are there if Pink Drinks is to
continue happening at Bars. Duncan mentioned that Nivara Lounge are happy to hold an event
once a month so this could be a place to utilize.
Ongoing Events
Lots of talk during Pride Week that it was awesome but not enough events leading up to Pride
Week. Some suggestions were Book Club, Tramps, Games Night, educational Workshops, some
sort of “resurrection” of what were the Juicy Fruit nights. In terms of funding, an idea could be
sit down as a group & draw up an Event Calendar cause you need quotes etc.
Leadership & Governance Workshops
Something to look at going to in future, these were what WaQuY had attended. Around $80 a
Workshop, could be funded. A great way also for upskilling.
Ongoing Work
Talk was had to have a meeting with all GLBTQ Waikato/Hamilton groups, discussing what we
can achieve, a vision of what we’d like to achieve. Currently no support groups for parents of
Queer Children. Great opportunity for HPI & WaQuY to work together to setup a PFLAG Group.
Executive Team – Kyro
Kyro has decided to step down as Co-Chair, leaving Rhiannon as Chair of HPI. Official letter from
her addressed to Phoenix which reads To Phoenix I officially resign as Co-Chair. My role as Co-
Chair is no longer essential as Rhiannon Bond feels fully capable to Chair. Catch you all at a
meeting soon. Kyro Selket.
Next Meeting Oct 25 th 2017, 6:30pm
Meeting closed 8:17pm

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