Pink Drinks is a regular event run by various GLBTI groups throughout New Zealand. The emphasis is on socialising and connecting with the local GLBTI community – anyone gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or intersex is more than welcome, as are out-of-towners just looking to meet the locals.

The idea is simple. The first weekend of every month, a Pink Drinks social gathering runs usually on a Saturday evening between 5 and 7 pm. It’s hosted at a different location, and by different hosts each time, with attendees offering to host the next event.

Everyone brings their own drinks, but the hosts provide nibbles, glasses and ice, asking a donation to help cover the costs of catering.

An alternative to Saturday evening could be Sundays afternoons. This would be entirely up to the host.

Hamilton Pink Drinks would be run though the Hamilton Pride Inc. website, and use a mailing list for dates and locations. The website would list the suburb and date of the next gathering, and an email will be sent out one week before the “Pink Drinks” to confirm the host and the address.

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