Present: Phoenix, Pandelis, Jenna, Rudy, Hare, Michael, Jo, Rhiannon
Meeting opened 6:32pm by Rhiannon
Apologies: Ben, Kyro, Rawiri
Correspondence: Jo began by speaking of room hire issues of Link House, not
towards Hamilton Pride specifically. New Contract changes, form to be filled out &
given to Jo.
Room Hire prices are now Weds $20 from 5:30pm, Sat from 8:30am – 12:30pm $30,
Sat or Sun 8:30am – 4:30pm $50. Motion passed for new funding Contract to be
signed, seconded by Rudy. Abstained by Jo.
Rhiannon explained about the banking situation regarding changeover of signatories
& what needed to take place. Motion passed that Michael took over as Treasurer
from Brad for 2017, seconded by Jo. Motion passed about the amended minutes
from Mar 22 nd 2017, seconded by everyone.
Pride Planning:
Fri 8 th Opening Party. Diggers is available for this event, $200 Hire. The downside to
this is capacity is 150 maximum. Ribena may be available for MC. Phoenix will get in
touch with Shane Way (Diva) to see what he can organise & see if he can take care
of the MC role if Ribena is unavailable. DJ to be organized, Mike will contact Paul Henckel.
LSG is wanting to have a Dance on Sat 9 th .
WaQuY has an AGM Mon 11 th
Mooloo Mix confirmed for a Love Your Body Workshop Tues 12 th .
UniQ are hosting a range of Seminars including one around Media & Pornography
that will be Weds 13 th . They also have a Workshop/Seminar around Healthy
Communications & Relationships, not taking place around Pride Week.
Rhiannon has met with Laura from Incendo. They’re going to have a Movie Night
Thurs 14 th at Lido Cinemas for screening of Gayby Baby. They may have the Director
of the Movie coming over.
WaQuY are also having a Disco Fri 15 th . Ben is also hosting the Bowling that evening
at Sky City.
Pride In The Park being hosted by WaQuY as well as the Closing Party Sat 16 th .
Perhaps Doggie Day Out could be part of Pride In The Park.
Michael to follow up with Brad about COGS funding.
Jo spoke of other funding possibilities & said she’s happy to help wherever needed.
NZAF still would like to host a PreP Forum.
Michael to work on Fliers for distribution, working with Ben for this matter.
Michael will also contact Manager of GuyZ to see if they want to be involved with
Pride Week for this year.
Jo will speak to the Rainbow Green Candidates if they’re keen to organise
Lesbian News Aotearoa were also keen to get involved.
Cut-off date for finalization of events Aug 9 th .
Other Business:
Pink Drinks Sat Aug 5 th , upstairs at The Cook to be booked by Rhiannon & also let
Ben know.

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