Present: Pandelis, Jeremy, Rawiri, Rudy, Hare, Phoenix, Jaimie, Rhiannon, McKenzie
Meeting Opened 6:34pm by Rhiannon
Apologies: Jo, Michael
Motion passed for the last 3 sets of Minutes, seconded by Pandelis.
Correspondence: New agreement given from Jo in regard to Link House usage, Rhiannon also
to check if Link House is available outside of general time booked. Banking signatures to be
changed to Phoenix & Rhiannon.
Hamilton Pride 2017 Festival: Sept 8 th – 16 th 2017. Motion passed by Pandelis, seconded by
Jaimie for these dates for Pride Week this year. Michael to be contacted about the Flag.
Rhiannon mentioned creating Leaflets to distribute to Businesses, giving them ideas of how they
can get involved. Important to promote those in the community.
Businesses: WSU, Two Birds, Momento, Waikato Museum, Anglican Action, SkyCity, Nivara
Lounge, Diggers, GuyZ, Metropolis, David’s Emporium, SPCA, The Meteor, Incendo Waikato.
Figure out a Working Group to go out & talk to people.
Activities: Incendo wanting to do a movie screening of Gayby Baby. Lido Cinemas could be a
possibility of a place to hold screening.
Pride Planning: The Meteor would be a good idea for the Opening Party. Hare spoke of having
Daughters Of Ally perform somewhere throughout the week. Consider a possible theme.
Rainbow Alliance & UniQ may join for an event. LSG most years in the past have done a Quiz
Night. Other groups to try to network with such as Fraser High about Straight Alliance group,
also Te Rakei Whakaehu, Trans group in the Waikato. Wine Tasting, seems to be a well-liked
idea for a future event. Event such as Diver-City received feedback as something to go ahead
again. Hare will get back to Rhiannon about a Mooloo Mix event, possibly for Thurs 14 th .
Fri 8 th – Opening Party
Thurs 14 th – Mooloo Mix??
Sat 16 th – Closing Party
Action To Take: Approach other groups/businesses if they want to be involved again this year
with any Pride Week events. Static to be contacted about possible future events too.
Contact The Meteor through Facebook.
Survey Monkey Results: Lots of people happy with Pink Drinks as well Pride Week 2016.
Some people weren’t sure of Hamilton Pride or events.
Pride Week to be awesome again this year, more inclusive, broader, community activities.
Tone down more radical elements, focus on mainstream stuff.
Hare mentioned how do we be more inclusive if people don’t come to meetings to give their
ideas or suggestions.
BBQ’s, Book Fairs, Bingo Night are some ideas for future events.
Some people don’t have money or like alcohol regarding Pink Drinks. Something in addition to
this in terms of going out such a Singles Pot Luck could be suitable.
Tell people if they want something, to tell us or come to meetings. Reach out more on Social
More collaboration in Hamilton Pride events.
Communications needs to be improved, a lot of people don’t find out till it’s too late. Let people
know they need to check Facebook to find out things, subscribe rather than just like.
Reach out more on Facebook, make it clearer that these meetings aren’t just for Executive
Committee members.
People can’t be “spoon-fed”, Hamilton Pride are always trying to come up with ways to better
things but others out there need to get involved.
Be more encouraging about the way to get people along to meetings.
Maybe for future meetings have a Pot Luck Dinner or Supper afterwards. Make it clearer what
they could get out of coming to meetings.
Be a group that supports other groups, an ‘Umbrella’ group. Have more regular events.
New Business: Women’s Self Defence Course went well, about 10 people attended. Hamilton
Pride to get some sort of gift for Rebecca Fraser as a thank you for organizing this event. Motion
passed by Hare to spend under $20 for a gift for Rebecca, seconded by Jaimie. Email those who
ran Workshop in future if a similar event is to be held for Men.
Pink Drinks: Jul 1 st , Gothenburg 5pm 2017

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