Hamilton Pride Community Meeting Minutes


Welcome: Hare, Shannon, Christie, Catherine, Crystal, Win, Rudy, Pandelis, Ben, Neil, Brad, Mike. Carolyn, Jo

Apologises: Lana, CJ, Phoenix


Minutes of last meeting on 23rd November 2016: All minutes correct.

Moved by Rudy, Second by Ben, Passed by all present


Community Notices:

Pink Drinks: Saturday 4th Feb and 4th March

  • Jo Wrigley shared a community notice about International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8th March 2017. Jo asked if Hamilton Pride would like to put something together to highlight the day.
  • Jo also shared a notice in regards to the distribution of Campaign for Consent flyers. This year she hopes to distribute 1000 flyers and booklets to each to both Waikato University and Win-tech. Jo asked if anyone is available to distribute booklets and get involved. Jo presented booklets and explained what they entail including support groups and conversations. Hare suggested incorporating Condom Packing events and Campaign for Consent meetings together as a community conversation night


General business:

Parade Planning

  • Auckland Pride Parade 2017 will be held on Saturday 25th February along Ponsonby Road starting at 7:30pm. Overall theme for the parade is ‘The Carnival Continues’.
  • All members of Waikato’s rainbow communities are welcome to participate including family and friends
  • Float Planning:

Hare and Mike informed group the intentions of entering a combined group/Waikato float in the 2017 Pride Parade. Rainbow Auckland has granted our $200 base fee. All groups will be marching as a combined Waikato float and therefore group logos and banners, including HPI, will not be permitted due to keeping registration cost to one $200 entry fee.

Hare suggested a planning group page on fb to help with float theme and costume design as well as distributing information to different groups.

Ben explained about planning group set up and transport details.

  • Planning Group Members:

Names of members and group reps: Carolyn (LSG), Crystal (Rainbow Warriors), Shannon (UNIQ), WaQuY (tbc) Catherine/Lana (Sambatron)

Action: all members to pass information posted in planning group page on to their members and networks.

  • Theme:

Togetherness (with a carnival twist)

  • Ideas for float design:

Waikato colours red, yellow and black

Wigs, hats, etc

Action: Brad to follow up on David’s Emporium funding and prop and costume donations.

  • Music:

Action: Catherine and Lana to organize Sambatron drummer’s approx 8-10 people

  • Transport:

Ben and Brad explained the benefits of hiring a minivan to help with transport

Action: Brad and Rudy to book minivan. Alex to drive

Action: Ben will post an expression of interest on event page to gage how many people are interested.

Action: Shannon to follow up on booking Waikato University student minivan

  • Health and Safety training:

This is a meeting for everyone to attend

Date: Wednesday 8th Feb, 6:30pm, Link House

Float marshals (2 per every 25 people) all Marshals will need to have attended the Health and Safety training on 8th Feb for more info please go to link…


Meeting Closed: 7: 20pm


NEXT MEETING: Parade Health and Safety Meeting Wednesday 8th February 2017. Next community meeting: Wednesday 22nd February 2017

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