Link House – 2 Dawson Street, Hamilton East
Meeting opened by Hare George at 6:30pm Wednesday 27 th July 2016
Welcome: Hare, Michael, Rudy, Brad, Phoenix, Ellie, Jeremy, Jo, Peter, Jo Wrigley
Jade, Edward.
Apologises: Ben, Paul, Shawn, Pandelis,
Amend: Launch Party starts at 6:30 doors into main room open at 7.00
Moved by Jo second Rudy, all passed
General business:
Hare thanked Mike and Hamish for taking meeting last month.
Face book and social media planning page: Hare explained how pages work and
invited all coordinators to engage in conversation.
Hare explained pride week and events starting with launch and evening run through.
Pride week event coordinators confirmed times and venues of their events
o Rudy – Doggie Day Out will start at 10am at Hamilton Lake Domain
o Brad – wine tasting with start at 8pm at Momento City
o Jo – poetry slam will start at 7:30pm doors open at 7pm at Nivara Bar
o Mike – Pride Lunch to start at 11am at Whatawhata Village Cafe
Guest speakers: Action: Jo to contact Kevin Hague and Kawe Karetai as possible
guest speakers for Launch party.
Friday 16th Glam Extravaganza: 2 and a half hours long at altitude Bar tickets $40
Security team will be present for launch closing and Glam night.
Still looking for body painting artists. Elli and Lehi to help out.
Flags: Rainbow, Bisexual, Transgender, Lesbian, Bear. Intersex. These flags will be
displayed with body paint on performing arts models at the launch party.
Discussion: gender vs. identity, does it matter if models do not match the gender or
identity of the flag they are modelling? All members present said that it does not
matter as flags are being displayed on performing arts models.
Pride Week 2016 September 9 – 17
HPI Pride Festival banner is booked to be installed to hang over Victoria St South
from 20 th August to 18 th September.
LYC will be our official primary sponsor of Hamilton Pride Week 2016.
Event coordinators to post event blurbs and additional info on Event Coordinator’s
planning group page by August 1 st .
Gay Express has offered to support Hamilton Pride Week by promoting events on
their website.

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