Hamilton Pride Inc Committee Meeting Minutes


Link House – 2 Dawson Street, Hamilton East

Meeting opened by Hare George at 6:30pm Wednesday 25 May 2016

Welcome: Jeremy, Rudy, Gavin, Phoenix, Hare, Brad, Te Rauroha , Jo, Ree,Michael

Apologises: Zara, Pandelis, Hamie

Minutes: Corrections/Approved SGM passed by Phoenix, Second by Rudy

Hare welcomed the new members of the Board including Michael Bell (Secretary) and Brad Arthur (Co-Treasurer). Hare also acknowledged the contribution and hard work by board members Hamish Milne, Zara Evitts and Ben Plagge.


Passed Events Feedback:

Aids Candlelight memorial: Hamish thanked everyone who attended, saying it was a moving memorial consisting of the usual size group of people attending as last year. Thank you to Judith and other members of Hamilton’s African community for catering the after supper consisting of authentic African cuisine.

Members gave feedback on how to make the memorial more interesting e.g. musical/singing performances and possible holding the service at an alternative venue more central and familiar. A Koha of $50 was donated to the Chaplin by Hamish.

Motion to reimburse Hamish. Motion passed by all present.

Juicy Fruit – Fri-gay 13 th : very successful night hosted by Diva and great performances.

Vital Signs community discussion: members who attended gave feedback of concern that LGBTTIA+ groups and Maori where under represented. Also time of event could have been better; a time later in the day would allow more people to attend.

FAFSWAG, OLGA., IDAHOT: Great venue and performances.

General business:

Hare has contacted NZAF in regards to organising HIV prevention and education workshops. The workshops will be held in Hamilton by NZAF facilitators and will be inclusive to everyone. Future dates to be confirmed, Hare suggested inviting groups from greater Waikato e.g. Raglan and Te Awamutu.

 Website update: blogs, feedback etc Hamilton Pride’s new and improved website is live with added community directory. The new website will hopefully make it more user-friendly for mobile users. Meet the board blogs will be uploaded to the site shortly. Cheques completed: signed off and distributed.

Change of signatories on bank forms and online process form. Remove Lynda Johnston and Hamish Milne. HPI would like to add Brad Author and Michael Bell as signatories on HPI Westpac Bank details. Motioned by Hare, second by Gavin, motion passed by all present

Hamish to be coordinator of monthly activities: Due to the increasing number of HPI events each month a position has been created to better manage HPI events and activities. Hamish will also be involved in coordinating pride week planning. Motioned by Hare, second by Brad, Motion passed by all present.

Future Events:

NZAF HIV awareness workshops- dates and times to be confirmed.

Pink Drinks- 4th June Attic Bar

Pride Week 2016 September 9 – 17

Venues have been booked, for Pride Week Launch party, members suggested Bralais as a possible venue for closing party.

Hare would like event planning group members to integrate across groups this year rather than stay attached to one event.

This will give better coverage of people to help out with event planning.

Pride Week event suggestions:

Doggy day out had great feedback last year

Poetry Night/Day event

Jeremy- native flutes workshop and performance.

Joe- suggested a forum for speakers in our diverse community (e.g. intersex, transgender, refugee, etc) to share their experiences.

LSG vs. Gay quiz night and/or other LGBTTQIA+ combinations.

Movie night

suggested putting a theme to the week. Jo suggested 30 years of the legalisation bill as a possible theme.

Hare voiced the importance for events to provide opportunities to engage all LGBTTQI+ community and their friends.

Fundraising events: Hamish to integrate fundraising into monthly events programme. Joe suggested possible COGS funding.


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 22nd June, 6:30pm, Link House

Meeting Closed: 7:28pm

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