Its the first Pink Drinks of the year!

3rd of February at Cook Street Social!

Pink Drinks is a social event held every month where our members can get together, have some drinks, some nibbles and some quality chats.
Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome (Sorry it is at a pub)
Look forward to seeing yall and catching up.
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One thought on “Pink Drinks 2018

  1. Gerry Mcveigh

    Hi is the next Pink drinks on 7/4/18,will it be at cook street bar again,would it be possible for someone to meet me at the cook bar,maybe outside the bar that i could go in with to start with ,they would not have to stay with me ,i find it difficult to mix with people ,so to join a group of people that i don’t know is very scary for me,i also wear two hearing aides so i can sometimes have a bit of a problem hearing what people say especially if there is noise around me,if this could be done it would be really appreciated.I did go to last months pink drinks but did,nt have enough confidence to join the people that were there,i do get rather annoyed with myself when this happens but as i said trying to get into a group is rather scary for me,many thanks Gerry.

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