First Meeting of 2018!!

24th of Jan, 6.30pm at Link House

Everyone is welcome to the Hamilton Pride Inc committee meetings.

The main aim of these meetings is to organise our local Pride festival and other events throughout the year to achieve our mission of TOGETHER celebrating and supporting the diversity of Hamilton’s Rainbow community.

Although, this is our main aim, we are also getting together to build and create a sense of community, make new and strengthen existing friendships. The Hamilton Pride committee welcomes everyone and is looking forward to getting to know you and witness how your unique personality and skills will grow our group and Hamilton and the Waikato as a place for LGBTTI people to live.

Don’t dream it, be it!

2 thoughts on “First HPI meeting of 2018

  1. Hi can you please tell me if Pink Drinks is still operating as i sent in an email to find out when and where they were to be held but i got no reply from anyone many thanks Gerry.

  2. Gerry

    Hi i left a question on your site on 11/3/18 and i am still waiting for someone to answer my questions,thanks Gerry.

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